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Welcome to Tango Oblivion, which is now celebrating its 19th year!

Tango Oblivion was founded in 2000 by Ruth with the goal of teaching tango in the dance-hungry town of Totnes in South Devon, England. Twelve years on, she has found Frank, partner in life as well as for teaching and organising events together.

"It all began 18 years ago, with a dream of dancing the Tango. In this dream I experienced an ecstatic feeling of absolute surrender while at the same time touching into the centre of my own power. When I woke up, I was intrigued to find out if Tango really causes these feelings, so I went to my first workshop.
I instantly and totally fell in love with Tango, the music and the dance. My Tango journey had started. "


Since 2000, Tango Oblivion has taught Regular Classes in Totnes and elsewhere in Devon. More recently we've also been teaching in Cardiff.
In our classes, we like to create an environment where people feel safe to explore their Tango, where we discover together the beauties of this improvisatory dance. Our teaching comes from the heart and through the music. It focuses on the essentials of connection, posture, musicality and floor craft. To find out more about our teaching style, click here.

2002 saw the invention of the Tango Mango, a week-long Tango event to which we also invite visiting teachers from all over the UK and abroad. In the past, there have been around 4 (sometimes up to 8!) Tango Mangos per year. Currently, we run only one each year, in August.

Occasionally, we organise intensive workshop weekends - some of which we teach, others where we invite a teaching couple. Ruth also teaches abroad in Germany, Spain, Holland, Scandinavia and Croatia. Check our Calendar for dates of all events at home and abroad.

Having danced both roles for more than 15 years, Ruth is equally happy to lead (to dance the role of 'the man') or to follow (to dance the role of 'the woman') in private lessons. Knowing both roles equally well gives her a complete picture of the dance, and she can bring this understanding to your learning process.

A relatively young venture is the the Community Orquesta Tipica, a chance to study this beautiful music by playing it ourselves! Ruth is a trained musician but in this orchestra she takes a back seat, having started to learn the Bandoneon - the craziest instrument ever! The Orquesta welcomes players of all levels, as long as they play an instrument that fits into the traditional ensemble (violin, viola, double bass, piano, bandoneon, and occasionally guitar, flute and a singer)

Currently, Ruth and Frank are on a long travel adventure through Europe, returning in time for the Tango Mango. You can catch up with us via our Blog. Our regular classes in Totnes have kindly been taken on by our colleague Fernando Guidi , while you can find classes in Bristol taught by our colleague Yanna Esbensen.

Please enjoy the web site and if you have any questions or would like to book us, don't hesitate to contact us!!  



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