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Teaching and dancing in Totnes
Summer 2018

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This Summer we will be giving classes and holding dance events in Totnes and Cardiff ( info on Cardiff to come soon):




3 Thursday evenings, May 17th, 24th& 31st
Frank and I have been away for a while, so we would like to run a short, 3 week course of Tango to reconnect with old Tango friends and meet those who have joined the dance community since we've been away, as well as introduce Tango to some absolute newbies! We will start on May 17th

THE DATES: Thursdays, May 17th, 24th & 31st,
THE VENUE: in the Methodist Church hall, Totnes

7pm-8.45pm BEGINNERS
An Introduction to the Core Elements of Tango. This workshop is aimed at those who want to explore Tango for the first time, as well as those who would like to consolidate the basic ingredients of Tango. Dancers who already know one role (leading or following) and would like to explore the other role are most welcome too!
The lessons include 30minutes dancing at the end of the class.

Warm up with 30 minutes of dancing, followed by a class.
The overarching themes in this 3 week course will be 'Close Embrace' and 'Rhythms'. The first week, we will work in Tango, the second in Milonga and the third in Vals.

£8 per class, £12 for one evening
£21 for 3weeks of one class, £30 for three whole evenings


August 14th-17th 2018: A workshop for musicians to learn how to play Tango Music
For more info, please click this link


August 17th-25th: Tango Mango, 9 days of Tango for all levels of dancers
For more info, please click this link


Private lessons, by appointment

For some people, learning in a group is not the best option. Maybe you want to maximise the time you spend learning, or you are shy, or you want to go over something in detail, or you want to give a special gift to a friend.
Having danced both roles for more than 15 years, Ruth is equally happy to lead (to dance the role of 'the man') or to follow (to dance the role of 'the woman') in her private lessons. Knowing both roles equally well gives her a complete picture of the dance, and she can bring this understanding to your learning process.
  * A private lesson gives you input in a concentrated form. One hour of private tuition is usually the equivalent of three hours of group classes.
  * You can arrange lessons at times and intervals that suit you.
Feel free to contact us to arrange a one-off, or a series of private lessons.



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