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Classes in Totnes in 2023

On January 28th, we will run a one day event of Workshops and possibly a Milonga - more details to come soon!


Private lessons, by appointment

For some people, learning in a group is not the best option. Maybe you want to maximise the time you spend learning, or you are shy, or you want to go over something in detail, or you want to give a special gift to a friend.
Having danced both roles for more than 20 years, Ruth is equally happy to lead (to dance the role of 'the man') or to follow (to dance the role of 'the woman') in her private lessons. Knowing both roles equally well gives her a complete picture of the dance, and she can bring this understanding to your learning process.
  * A private lesson gives you input in a concentrated form. One hour of private tuition is usually the equivalent of three hours of group classes.
  * You can arrange lessons at times and intervals that suit you.
Feel free to contact us to arrange a one-off, or a series of private lessons.



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