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Ines Moussavi & Ruth Rozelaar

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Since Ines and I met at El Corte in Nijmegen in 2000, we have taught many times at each other's events. In the last decade, we have discovered the joy of teaching with each other and have developed a harmonious and creative working relationship. Ines's eye for detailed technique and my passion for creating a musical dance complement each other. The combination of these elements will provide you with a rich and unique insight into your Tango development.
We both like to lead and follow, hence we each have a solid understanding of and can teach either role.

Our teaching schedule in the next 12 months:
UK: Workshops in Cardiff (October 26th 2017) and in Totnes (October 31st 2017) - see below
GERMANY: @ the TangoLab - October 15th-22nd 2017, April & July 2018 - [More Info]
CROATIA: a week-long holiday in July 2018 on the beautiful island of Vis - [More Info]



UK: Workshops in Cardiff (October 26th 2017) and in Totnes (October 31st 2017)

In Tango, our connection to the ground is important. From there, we achieve balance, draw our strength and express our musicality.
We will work on improving our footwork technique, we will explore how the music can be expressed in the way we meet the ground with our feet, and of course we will also look at some fancy and musical footwork for followers and leaders to make your dance look spectacular.

All levels are welcome!
Come alone or with a partner

Thursday October 26th, 7-8.30pm,
St. Catherine's Church Hall, Pontcanna
Cardiff CF11 9DE
Cost: £10
The workshop is followed by the 'Tango Kings Practica' 8.30-10pm
Tuesday October 31st, 7-9pm (includes 30 mins practica)
Methodist Church Hall, 47 Fore St, Totnes TQ9 5HX
Cost: £12




Ines Moussavi

Ines Moussavi is an all-time favourite with the Devon and UK Tango communities.

Her Ladies Weeks that she holds regularly at her Berlin studio
La Berlinesa are known for their in-depth study of followers technique. Ines is an elegant, powerful and musical dancer and a friendly and precise teacher.

The workshops with Ines & Ruth are relaxing and fun while focusing on connection, musicality and technique.