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Whether you want to delve deeply into Tango, or just come once a week to do something fun and keep fit, you will feel welcome in our classes. We offer Fun-Filled Focus!

In our teaching, we focus on finding your own centre, on creating a point of energy within yourself, and connecting from there with the other person without losing your own balance. Tango is an improvisatory dance, and in this way allows you to dance your inner self. If you can walk, you can learn the Tango. If you feel you have two left feet but you always wanted to try out dancing, here's your chance.

Tango offers a unique place to find out about how to communicate clearly without dominating, and about how to follow actively, without losing our own power. These are qualities that we need in our everyday life, especially if our work brings us into close contact with people. Besides being fun, Tango can provide a 'playground' to sharpen our awareness and to practise our skills of interaction.

We are fascinated by teaching, in that it gives us an opportunity to create a space for people to make contact with themselves and with where they want to grow. In Tango, we have the dimensions of movement, of authentic intimate relationship and of community.
Tango is a strong form that has improvisation at its core. This poses a creative challenge - how can we teach a dance form without teaching set steps? How can the very process of teaching/learning reflect the dance itself? Can we teach the way we want to dance? While teaching the form of Tango, we aim for spontaneous composition, which makes every encounter fresh and totally for/with the people in front of us.

"Meeting Tango was like discovering the perfect treasure for my working life! More recently, I have focussed on bringing in my knowledge as a trained musician, to teach the dancers to listen more closely to the music and give tools and structures to respond to the music. " (Ruth)


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