Tango practice in the sun
~ Tango Oblivion ~

Tango Music for Dancing, August 14th-17th, 2018


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Four days of immersion into playing Tango Music!

This year, we have the pleasure of working with internationally renowned Argentinean Maestro Fernando Maguna. An excellent pianist and bandoneonist, Fernando lives in Marseilles, where he runs a regular community Orquesta Tipica. He runs a number of Community Orquesta Tipicas in various cities in the South of France, as well as playing in several bands - check out his website, his productivity is impressive!
On our journey this spring, Frank and I passed Marseilles and had the pleasure of meeting Fernando and see him in action. He is a real powerhouse and he lives and breathes music! With no sheet music in front of him, he conducted the group from behind his Bandoneon (which he seems to play without having to think about it at all - much to my amazement!) - a mix of players of different skills levels, from recent beginners to professional musicians.
The rehearsal culminated in playing for a Milonga, and the music was a joy to dance to!
After their performance, I chatted to a number of the orquesta participants, who all praised Fernando highly, with especial mention of his ability to address everyone at their level of skill and their way of learning. I also watched him interact with the group after the performance, and he seemed to have a personal connection, if not friendship with each of them.
Can it really be possible to have so many amazing qualities in one person? Well, there is only one way to find out - come and join us this summer for our adventure with Fernando Maguna and Aníbal Troilo!

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Tuesday, August 14th ~ Bandoneon Day
(subject to a minimum of 5 participants!)

In this course, you will get handy tips for your own practice as well as how to survive in an ensemble.
We will work with the 6 Troilo pieces which we will play during the Orquesta Tipica workshop, August 15th-17th.
It is advisable but not obligatory to do the Bandoneon Day in preparation for the Orquesta Tipica workshop. Equally, it is possible to just join the Bandoneon Day without participating in the Orquesta Tipica workshop.

For Bandoneonistas of all levels. 4.5 hours tuition, plus some time to practice unsuperviesd, alone or in the group.
NEW! We also have Tickets at a reduced price, for anyone who would like to attend to watch and listen!


Wednesday 15th - Friday 17th, ~ Orquesta Tipica Workshop

Immerse yourself in the sounds of Aníbal Troilo under the expert guidance of Fernando Maguna. Sheet music will be provided at the point of enrolment.
There will be an opportunity to perform the workshop material for the Mango dancers on Friday night.
This course is suitable for all musicians with the following instruments:
double bass,
No previous experience of playing Tango is necessary.
13.5 hours tuition, plus time to rehearse unsupervised, individually, in sections, or as a group.
NEW! We also have Tickets at a reduced price, for anyone who would like to attend to watch and listen!


All tickets include one meal per day!
*Bandoneon Day, August 14th - £45
*Orquesta Tipica workshop Hanibal Troilo, August 15th-17th - £100
*10% reduction for those who book all four days!
NEW! *'Fly on the Wall' ticket, for anyone who wants to listen in - £20


Accommodation on campus and nearby is available - please check our accommodation page
It is possible to store your instrument safely in the school overnight.

To book your place, please click here
Numbers are limited - so book soon!
Some bursaries are available for students - please enquire upon booking.


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