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28th May 2023


Good food and a welcoming space, whether you are a dancer or not!

We'd like to invite you to a special event... a new idea - Tango Alegría!

It is a social event with a good dollop of Tango in it, but this is not all, by any means! Ruth will teach two in-depth tango workshops, Anne will cook a delicious, sit down lunch, and in the afternoon, we will have two separate spaces, one for dancing and one for playing board games or card games - bring along your favourite games! We are excited by this new concept and we hope you will be too.

To Book, Click here
For the morning workshops and the meal, we are limiting the bookings to 30, so sign up soon!
You don't need to book for the afternoon, however it would be helpful to us if you did, so as to have an idea of numbers.

Please read on to find out more...





Tango Alegría

What is behind this idea?

The 'Mango Spirit' is calling me to create a new event!

For 20 years, I used to run the Tango Mangos, inimitable in their uniqueness amongst Tango events, a Tango Home from Home for many who came, and hard to describe to those who never experienced it. In 2019, we laid the Tango Mangos to rest, but its spirit continued to live, not only in my heart but also in many dancers from all over the world.
The time has come to see in what new form this indescribable flavour will re-emerge: Tango Alegría, the Joy of Tango, opened its doors for the first time on January 28th in Broadhempston Village hall. A little fledgling event, we start with just one day of "Alegría" (Happiness, Joy) and we intend to gradually develop this idea further.

I am delighted to be teaming up with Anne Moore, who for many years has provided the Totnes community with a Practica on Wednesdays. Those years of regular Wednesday nights at St. Mary's Church Hall in Totnes are fondly remembered, and this same spirit of sharing and exploring can continue in our new venue. Anne and I share fundamental ideas about the role of Tango in community building. We believe that we can create another unique, regular social event that centres around tango but also caters for a wider community.

A communal gathering...
We want to create an event that caters not just for the dedicated Tango dancer but also for those who like hanging out in a tango music atmosphere but don't want to or can't dance at the moment, for whatever reason. This time, we will offer a space for games. Another time, we might offer a film or an outing, or something else. This will develop in time... come and be part of shaping a new event!

Good fresh food
Food is for us a central ingredient in sharing a good time with friends. That's why we would like to stop other activities and give ourselves time to enjoy a proper, sit-down meal together, in the middle of the day. As a former chef, Anne loves to plan and cook all different types of cuisine - expect a delicious two-course meal! There will be options for vegans and non-vegans.
Fruit juices, coffee and tea will be provided throughout the day. If you would like to drink alcohol, please bring it with you.

A note from Anne, our chef, regarding the Menu for May 28th:
The food I curate for each event will have a 'theme', specifically from a region or country from Europe and around the world. We can explore the world of flavours together, all freshly prepared and vegan (sometimes with optional vegetarian extras), and carefully planned with nutrition and taste, textures and combinations in mind which I hope are a cut above!
I am slightly obsessed with foods, and also working with unusual ingredients. I love presentation too, as we also 'eat with our eyes'!
I look forward to making some delicious food for you, sometimes simple and rustic with purity of ingredients shining through, or the more 'chefy' and complex recipes too!
The whole day should be a delight for the senses, and the idea of sitting together to eat is as much a part of the event, rather than just a 'pit stop' refuelling!

For the next event, we have tried and tasted the following menu:
- Lebanese slow-cooked lemony green lentil stew with vegetables
- Orange and toasted almond couscous with a hint of mint (gluten free option: rice)
- Warmed flatbreads (gluten free option also available)
- Green leaves and marinated cucumber salad
- Fig, rose and raspberry swirl 'cheese' cake (gluten free option: fruit& chia salad)

See you there!

Anne's delicious cooking


In-depth study of Tango, April 23rd
Ruth will offer two workshops where she will share her musical knowledge about Tango and give you new insights to hone your dancing skills:

It is rare in our society that we come as close to another human being as we do in Tango. How is it socially acceptable that we make a close, intimate, physical relationship for the duration of a Tango? What are the points of connection and where are the boundaries? How do we use the embrace to make ourselves and our partner feel comfortable?

Every Tango is a little Universe in itself, one complete story from beginning to end, and packed with musical emotions. In this workshop we will explore how to bring this to our dancing. We will lok at the tools we can use to create 'spice' without losing connection with our partner.

Both workshops are open to all levels (including Beginners). You can sign up on your own or with someone you'd like to work with. The latter may be a preferred option for higher level dancers. Open Role dancers (or anyone who'd like to become one) are especially welcome!

Beginners Taster class
For those who have never danced the Tango before, I will offer a short, FREE tango taster class just before the Milonga. Please arrive on time at 3.30pm if you want to catch this! My challenge is to teach you enough in 30 minutes for you to be able to join the dancing afterwards :-)

Anne will be our DJ:
"The music I provide will be as expected from my years of DJing the Totnes practica - well thought-out tandas with emphasis on music good for dancing, but there may be a few surprises and a little exploration - expect at least 90% traditional!"

This is absolutely the 'new kid on the block' in this event - the idea behind this is to offer an alternative activity for those who are, for whatever reason, not so interested in dancing. Bring your favourite board or card game with you - and play it with us!
Children are welcome too (supervised please)!


The Location
We will be in Broadhempston Village Hall, a newly built, carbon neutral community hall, with a superb sprung wooden floor, about 4 Miles from Totnes
Kings Close Field, Broadhempston
Totnes TQ9 6BJ

Broadhempston Village Hall


The Programme
Below you will find a schedule, with prices. Do sign up soon to reserve your place, as spaces are limited. You can sign up for any or all of it. (Bookings are now open!)

The Cost
*Full ticket - everything from 11am-8pm included - ₤40
*Half ticket - lunch and Milonga afterwards - ₤20
*If you would like to come just for certain parts, please check out the individual prices in the schedule.

The Schedule
10.45am doors open
11.00am - 12.15pm Workshop 1 - MEETING THE OTHER (₤12)
12.30pm - 1.45pm Workshop 2 - DANCING THE STORY OF A TANGO (₤12)
2.00pm Lunch Break with Anne's Meal (₤12)
3.30 - 4.00 Hoola hoop taster class - FREE of CHARGE!
4.00 - 8.00 MILONGA & BOARD/CARD GAMES (₤10)

To Book, Click here

For the morning workshops and the meal, we are limiting the bookings to 30, so sign up soon! **********************************************

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